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"Ms. Pippin is an exceptionally talented home designer. I've seen her imagination, creativity, and attention to detail first-hand. Her portfolio only scratches the surface."

Mr. Andy Roberson, Precision Wood Products, Greenville, SC


Pippin Home Designs, Inc. offers high performance homes consultation services that can be used at any phase of your project. From idea to conception and beyond we can help you decide which green features will benefit you the most in the way you live. Even if your home is complete we can walkthrough and advise ways to be more green. 

Jennifer Pippin has been incorporating green features in her designs for some 28 years now, and the industry has finally caught up. Ask us about our Green consultation services to truly see how we are ahead of the curve.

From initial concept to final blueprints, Pippin Home Designs, Inc. can bring your dream home to life through the skillful eye of Jennifer Pippin and her staff. Plus, Pippin Home Designs, Inc. offers total flexibility in the level of service you desire. From premium service to our basic service level, you will receive the quality assistance that best suits your specific needs and budget.

Our continuous focus on providing a full spectrum of design capabilities has resulted in offering the options to enhance your home's design with these added focuses:

  • Healthy Home Design: For those who require special consideration because of allergies, asthma, and other health considerations.
  • Solar Home Design: For those who want to capitalize on the energy-saving abilities through solar generated power.
  • Feng-Shui Home Design: For those seeking a home with the Western influences of feng-shui design - an Ancient Chinese discipline that takes into consideration room placement and the home's positioning on its site to create natural, positive energy within the home.
  • Universal Design: For those seeking a home that is totally accessible and barrier free to accommodate ease and function in order to fully enjoy your home regardless of your abilities.
  • Energy Efficient Design: For those desiring energy efficiency beyond what is required by codes to ensure total efficiency and maximum savings.
  • High Performance Home Design: For those who may want more than one of the aspects mentioned above incorporated in their plans. A green home is an Energy Efficient home, a Healthy Home, built with Sustainable materials.

Pippin Home Designs, Inc. can turn your existing home into your dream retreat. Whether its expanding a master suite, or adding on a family room, an entire wing, or a whole house transformation, Pippin Home Designs, Inc.'s creative versatility and skill will ensure your home maintains what you love about it while creating what you desire it to be.

Pippin Home Designs, Inc. will assist you from the very beginning through consulting with you at your site and providing site plans to ensure that the home you envision will work on the site you've selected. We'll also help you determine if the site you are considering is going to give you what you need to aesthetically and functionally accommodate your home.

Once the design is complete, Pippin Home Designs, Inc. will provide all the exterior elevations, general specifications, and interior detail drawings required to secure all building permits and move forward to the construction phase of your home.


Keeping Pippin Home Designs, Inc. on board as part of the design/build team has proven both cost saving and hassle-saving for many of our clients. We'll oversee with your project team every aspect of the project from beginning to end to ensure every detail is handled. We'll protect your investment and maintain the quality and integrity of your one-of-a-kind home. Putting together your project team from the very beginning of the process will help to solve your goals creatively, help avoid costly revisions and ensure the success of your project. We'll even assist you in determining the best builder, Home Designer and other project team members to consider.

Determining the site and size of home you can afford within your budget can save a lot of time and money later on in the process. Pippin Home Designs, Inc. can assist you in investigating options, exploring alternatives, and calculating preliminary cost ranges for obtaining mortgage loan pre-qualification and the feasability of building the project of your dreams.

A one-of-a-kind home deserves one-of-a-kind furnishings. From custom built-in cabinetry or entertainment centers to solid wood accent pieces, Pippin Home Designs, Inc. lives up to its claim of creating homes with a view on the "inside" as well.

Pippin Home Designs, Inc. can render your one-of-a-kind masterpiece in intricate pen-and-ink detail for you to beautifully frame and display in your home or office.

Pippin Home Designs, Inc. will arrange for outside sources to provide these services.

Pippin Home Designs Inc

We contribute our success to truly listening to our clients and providing them with the best possible creative design solutions to meet their needs. Our many repeat clients over the years is a testament to how successfully we achieved their goals.

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